The Church’s #1 Selling Point is Rarely Mentioned

We tell people that Jesus loves them. It’s true. We tell them that in Christ, there is no condemnation and no fear of judgment. Also true. We tell them that eternal life is only found in Christ. Yet again, true.

While these truths address our eternity, they do little to convey the immediate need for a Savior.


The Gospel does so much more than save our souls. It is freedom from sin. Oftentimes we can be quick to tell another, “You need Jesus,” (hopefully in a more roundabout way than that, if we’re at least somewhat tactful). But what do we expect that to mean to someone with no point of reference for what He actually offers? Let’s try addressing the elephant in the room: their sin. Not in a condemning or judgmental way. After all, Jesus is the only one qualified to throw stones, and yet He doesn’t. Do we have friends with self-destructing (or worse, family-destructing) habits or addictions? Let’s meet them where they’re at… let’s empathize with their situation, and rather than merely tell them that Jesus loves them, let’s communicate to them that the reason they cannot stop doing what is killing them is because Jesus is the only one capable of unlocking the prison gates.

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”




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