Matthew 7:21 Has Become the Anthem for Every Pharisee

I’m a sermon junkie. I’m also a live-worship junkie. I get the majority of my favorite content the same way as most of you, from YouTube. While most of my consumption of that content is a very positive experience, the comments section can have a way of grating on my nerves. I’m sure you can relate. I *hope* you can relate, and that aren’t one of the ones that I am currently complaining about.

To put things into context, I just watched a video of a celebrity leading worship with probably the most popular worship band in the world, and the comments section is filled to the brim with judgments completely devoid of any sort of grace. Whether it’s a preacher they disagree with or a secular musician making a heartfelt attempt at worshiping the Lord, the Pharisees will always come out to show their sympathies for the prodigal sons’ older brother, and their favorite verse to pull out of context to sling these deadly accusations at their brothers and sisters is Matthew 7:21, which reads, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

A classic text-grenade. You did it. You just blew him up. Now he’s going to think twice about leading worship ever again, because that’s certainly not what God would have him do. Why would he? He’s not good enough. His lifestyle isn’t as good and upright as yours, so clearly God hates him and has no grace left over for him. Right?

Ok, I probably need to settle down, because the root of the issue isn’t necessarily with the individuals that are blasting these preachers and celebrities. The root, in my opinion, stems from an awful mixture of law and grace that is found in the vast majority of churches across the nation. I believe this disgusting, lukewarm mixture of law and grace is what leads so many believers to praise God for his unending grace in their own lives but then from the other side of their lips come condemnation and judgment.

If you’re one of these Pharisees, then please understand that if the grace you think you have received has not caused you to approach even your enemies with compassion (Luke 23:34), then I challenge you to dig deeper into understanding his incredible grace. It’s for your own sake, but more importantly it’s for the sake of others who are looking to you as a way of connecting with God.

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2 thoughts on “Matthew 7:21 Has Become the Anthem for Every Pharisee

  1. Dear Sermon Junky,

    There is a man who I believe understands the Bible more than most of the most educated preachers in the world today. Unfortunately he is 88 years old and has prostate cancer, cancer in his bones, and skin cancer. He was a teacher up until this year. He is awesome you should check him out. Don’t go read a wickapida on him and make judgments before you hear him out. His name is David Pawson. You can find his videos on YouTube but has a lot more on God has changed my life through him. He has taught me how to read scriputre to the fullest with his unlocking the Bible series. As a brand new church plant here in china since October we as a church between our two major meeting days of Thursday and Sunday have read each one of these books of the Bible (list below). Every time we read a book we do it in one sitting. But before we read the text we listen to all the corresponding sermons from the unlocking the Bible series by David Pawson to get a clear hermeneutical picture of what is taking place before we start guessing and ultimately guess wrong.I have not included in this list, the homework in which we all should have read each one at least once more on our own(in one sitting) and some of them twice. Everyday I feel like the body is becoming more unified and has a clearer understanding of who we are and what we should be in Christ.

    Philippians x4
    Ephesians x2
    First Timothy
    Second Timothy
    First Thessalonians
    Second Thessalonians
    James x2
    Philemon x2
    I John X2
    2 John X2
    3 John X2

    Grace and peace from your brother in Christ, Daniel Willis


  2. Dan, that’s amazing how deep you guys are going, and so encouraging to hear.

    About your words on David Pawson, one thing in your comment that caught my attention was, “Don’t go read a Wikipedia on him and make judgments before you hear him out.” That’s exactly what I don’t do anymore (to the best of my ability). Just about anyone you google these days have a slew of negative people crying “heresy!”, even over church doctrines that are common, and even those that are still less common yet have reasonable or legitimate arguments to support them. And that was somewhat the point of this post. I was mostly griping over church folks judging one another’s hearts. We do it to both well-meaning bible teachers as well as well-meaning celebrities (the latter of which my post was about). Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to teachers and preachers I know there are still heresies out there, but I’m more inclined to see others as Godly men who simply disagree, rather than so-called “heretics.” And when it comes to celebrities singing songs of worship to the Lord, I’m less inclined to see some sort of selfish motive behind it and much more inclined to see that they are trying. (I kind of mixed up two different topics in this paragraph, lol, but I feel like my overall point is being made, and that is that we shouldn’t throw someone under the bus just because we disagree with them or what we think they’re doing with their life.)

    Thanks again for the David Pawson reference. I’ll look him up!


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