My 4-Year Old Daughter is a Calvinist

A Revealing Conversation

Ava: [Staring into the side of a large pot]. “Hey look I can see myself!”

Me: “Yep! Do you know what that’s called? You know, when you can see yourself in something?”

Ava: “No. What is it, Daddy?”

Me: “It’s called a ‘reflection.’ You know how you can see yourself in a mirror? That’s called a reflection. You can also see yourself in other things, like clean pots and pans!”

Ava: “. . .”

Me: “Can you think of other things you can see your reflection in?”

Ava: [A grin slowly creeps across her face] “. . . the trashcan!”

She is such a goofball!

(For those that don’t understand the reference to Calvinism, they [Calvinists] believe they’re worthless dirt bags [along with everyone else, for that matter] — hence Ava seeing her reflection in a trashcan. Maybe it’s not that funny if I have to explain it…)

ava rose

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