This Series Changed Our Life

This guy Jim Baker from Zion Christian Fellowship in Columbus, OH is the real deal. I saw him at a weekend conference at a local church called Life Center Lynchburg, where he taught on healing the sick. At the end of it, I went to his merch table to see what kind of goods he brought with him, and one of them was a series on finances. I did not know what to expect with this teaching, but his teachings on healing the sick were so good that I had to get this.

I cannot overstate what I am about to say. . . this may have been the best investment I have ever made, and it is not even about how to manage your finances, rather it is about maintaining a biblically-based heart toward wealth and prosperity. Watching just the first two of these messages caused us to repent from old ways of thinking about money and instead take on new ways of real stewardship. We have virtually no fear or worry with giving our offering at church anymore, no matter what situation we are in, and our own needs are not just met, but exceeded, every single month since watching this series.

The series that I purchased contains 16 sermons on the topic, however ZCF’s YouYube channel contains an 8 part series of the same series, just condensed. Again, I cannot recommend this series enough. It has changed our lives, and if you give it a shot, I have no doubt that it will change yours as well. Here is the first one. You can watch the rest on YouTube.

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Featured Image by rawpixel on Unsplash