Why I Stopped Reading Scripture

A Little Background

Years ago I was very diligent and intentional about reading scripture. As I became more and more of a sermon-junkie, on a mission to consume all the information I could find, I grew an aversion to reading scripture. I couldn’t figure out why this change happened.

At some point in my spiritual walk I stopped reading scripture as a means of connecting with God’s heart and instead I began using it to validate my own beliefs, doctrines, etc, etc. I pursued head knowledge over heart connection, and that inversion of priorities caused a disruption in my walk.

The Lesson being Learned

I’m learning that when I approach His holy word with an agenda, I become dissatisfied and frustrated. Why? Because no matter what doctrine I’m attempting to validate through my searching, there will always be those scriptures that challenge the ideas I’ve clung to. If child-like faith isn’t my first priority when reading scripture, I will never be content with the fact that this sacred text is full of mystery, and I will certainly never be able to enjoy that mystery the way I believe God intends us to.

So, here’s to reading scripture with no agenda.. to re-prioritizing heart-connection over head-knowledge.. and to undue burdens (ie. the need to be validated) being cast off.

Thanks for reading!

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